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content creation for brands

WHAT: Content creation coverage during shoots or campaigns, events or other key brand activations


HOW: Brainstorm, custom content proposal, content creation and editing.

branded ad @twettyfall

WHAT: Creating content posted for TikTok/Instagram/Youtube Shorts profile @twettyfall and/or brand profile, and possibly boosted.


HOW: Brainstorm content designed for the platform chosen, with flexibility of the brief to give it a creative twettyfall twist.


User Generated Content (UGC) is a modern and innovative way of connecting with your audience and customers.


UGC is authentic, relatable brand content created by consumers for consumers.


You may notice that consumers no longer resonate with unrealistic or highly-curated ad campaigns from brands.


Your audience wants to see real people sharing genuine feelings, reviews, and insight into products and services. UGC increases brand trust and connection – I'm here to help you every step!

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